Lütfullah Aksungur Sports Hall

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Lütfullah Aksungur Sports Hall
Lütfullah Aksungur Spor Salonu
Location Adana, Turkey
Coordinates 37°03′14″N 35°21′29″E / 37.053797°N 35.358021°E / 37.053797; 35.358021Coordinates: 37°03′14″N 35°21′29″E / 37.053797°N 35.358021°E / 37.053797; 35.358021
Owner Çukurova University
Capacity 1,750
Opened 1994

The Lütfullah Aksungur Sports Hall (Turkish: Lütfullah Aksungur Spor Salonu) is an indoor arena for handball competitions located in Adana, Turkey. It has a seating capacity of 1,750.[1] The venue was built in 1994.[2] Owned by Çukurova University, the venue is named in honor of Prof. Dr. Lütfullah Aksungur (1925-1986), a dermatologist and founding dean of the university as well as its rector between 1977 and 1980.[3]

The sport hall was renovated and modernized for the use of 2013 Mediterranean Games by the Provincial Youth Services and Sports Directoriate costing Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png2.5 million.[2][4]

At 2013 Mediterranean Games, the arena hosted men's handball event between 23–30 June.[5]


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