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Lautari 1971 film.png
Film poster
Directed by Emil Loteanu
Produced by N. Paliy
Written by Emil Loteanu
Music by Eugen Doga
Isidor Burdin
Cinematography Vitali Kalashnikov
Edited by V. Slavich-Dimitriu
Moldova Film
Distributed by International Film Exchange (IFEX)
Release date
  • 2 April 1973 (1973-04-02)
Running time
141 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Romanian

Lăutarii (Russian: Лаутары) is a 1972 Soviet romantic drama film directed by Emil Loteanu. The movie was a success, particularly in Italy. The film received the Special Jury Award at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 1972.[1] The film also received the prestigious Italian San Fedele prize in 1978.[2]


Toma Alistar is a gifted lăutar who works as the leader of a traveling gypsy band, wandering the steppes of the mid-nineteenth century Bessarabia. He is a skilled violinist whose fame takes him on tours around European capitals and royal courts. He falls madly in love with the beautiful gypsy Leanca. However she is getting married to a rich Hungarian. Toma spends the rest of life and his fortunes in a desperate search for her. And only before his death he meets an old gypsy woman in whom he recognizes his one true love.


  • Sergei Lunkevich – as Toma Alistar
  • Dumitru Hãbãsescu – as young Toma
  • Jenea Rolko – Toma as a child
  • Galina Vodnyatskaya – old Leanca
  • Olga Câmpeanu – young Leanca
  • Angelica Iascencu – Leanca as a child


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