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Levuo Akmeniai.jpg
Lėvuo near Akmeniai village
Country Lithuania
Basin features
Main source Kupiškis district
River mouth Mūša River
Basin size 1,588 km2 (613 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 148 km (92 mi)
  • Average rate:
    9.02 m3/s (319 cu ft/s)

The Lėvuo is a river in Northern Lithuania, tributary of the river Mūša. Lėvuo is 148 kilometres long. In 1931 Sanžilė channel, connecting Lėvuo and Nevėžis rivers was built. Biggest tributary rivers of Lėvuo are Mituva, Svalia, Kupa.

Coordinates: 56°05′N 24°26′E / 56.083°N 24.433°E / 56.083; 24.433