Lūznava Manor

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Lūznava Manor
Lūznava Manor 2015.JPG
General information
Architectural style Art Nouveau
Town or city Rēzekne Municipality
Country Latvia
Construction started 1905
Completed 1911
Client Stanisław Kierbedź

Lūznava Manor (also known as: Dlužneva or Glužņeva) is a manor house located in the village of Lūznava, Rēzekne Municipality, Latvia. Today the local primary school of Lūznava is located in the manor house.[1] There is also a 19th-century barn near a manor house.


Lūznava Manor was built between the years 1905-1911.[2] The owner of the manor was the Lithuanian and Polish engineer Stanisław Kierbedź and the architect is unknown, but rumours tell that it was built after Kierbedź's own project. It was built of red brick, with window openings, a cornice, and terrace columns.[2]

In the Lūznava Manor an interesting symbiosis of Historicism and Art Nouveau can be seen. The non-homogeneous division of the façade, the varied architectonic elements such as asymmetric wings, porches, balconies and bays, generally corresponded to the principles of the Art Nouveau style, although the building was not free from the motifs of Neo-Gothic.

One of the rooms in the mansion was decorated with wall paintings in the Polish Secession style by the Polish painter K. Stabrowski. The building was erected in bricks and stone. The owner of the new manor building was Eugenia Kierbedź (1855-1946), known as big devotee of Polish modern art and patroness. So, the manor house for many summers became home for many Polish and Lithuanian painters.

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