Lộc Ninh

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Lộc Ninh District
Huyện Lộc Ninh
Rural district
Lộc Ninh, Binh Phuoc.jpg
Lộc Ninh District is located in Vietnam
Lộc Ninh District
Lộc Ninh District
Location in Vietnam
Coordinates: 11°47′43.588″N 106°35′15.500″E / 11.79544111°N 106.58763889°E / 11.79544111; 106.58763889
Country  Vietnam
Province Bình Phước

Lộc Ninh is a town in southern Vietnam, one of at least four with the same name. It is a rural district of Bình Phước Province in the Southeast region of Vietnam. The "Battle of Lộc Ninh", in Bình Phước province, near the Cambodian border at the northern end of Highway 13, took place there during the Vietnam War.


In 2007, a section of the proposed Trans-Asian Railway connecting Cambodia with Vietnam would pass through Lộc Ninh. The Vietnamese government completed a feasibility study on the Hồ Chí Minh City–Lộc Ninh rail link, and is working with the Cambodian government to finalize the connecting rail point on the Cambodian side. Once the exact connecting point is found, work is expected to begin immediately on the 145-kilometer link between Lộc Ninh and Hồ Chí Minh City.[1]

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Coordinates: 10°54′00″N 106°48′00″E / 10.90000°N 106.80000°E / 10.90000; 106.80000