Léo Ferré chante Baudelaire

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Léo Ferré chante Baudelaire
Studio album by Léo Ferré
Released 1967
Recorded june 1967
Barclay Studio, Paris (France)
Genre Chanson
Length 60:02
Label Barclay Records
Léo Ferré chronology
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Léo Ferré chante Baudelaire
L'Été 68

Léo Ferré chante Baudelaire (English: "Léo Ferré sings Baudelaire") is an album by Léo Ferré, released in 1967 by Barclay Records. It is his fourth LP dedicated to a poet, after a first Baudelaire effort in 1957 (Les Fleurs du mal), Les Chansons d'Aragon in 1961, and Verlaine et Rimbaud in 1964. It is also his second studio double album.

Track listing[edit]

Texts by Charles Baudelaire. Music composed by Léo Ferré.

Original LP
Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Spleen"   3:54
2. "À une Malabaraise" (To a Lady of Malabar) 2:30
3. "Épigraphe[1]" (Epigraph for a Condemned Book) 0:51
4. "L'Étranger" (The Stranger) 2:43
5. "Tu mettrais l'univers" (You would take the entire world to bed with you...) 2:52
6. "Le Chat" (The Cat) 4:34
Side two
No. Title Length
7. "Le Soleil" (The Sun) 3:06
8. "Le Vin de l'assassin" (The Murderer's Wine) 2:23
9. "L'Albatros" (The Albatross) 2:22
10. "À une passante" (To a Passerby) 2:10
11. "Le Flacon" (The Perfume Flask) 3:18
12. "La servante au grand cœur" (The kind-hearted servant of whom you were jealous...) 3:19
Side three
No. Title Length
1. "Abel et Caïn" (Abel and Cain) 2:10
2. "La Géante" (The Giantess) 2:12
3. "Remords posthume" (Posthumous Remorse) 1:32
4. "Les Bijoux" (The Jewels) 4:00
5. "La Musique" (Music) 1:49
6. "La Beauté" (Beauty) 2:26
Side four
No. Title Length
7. "Causerie" (Conversation) 2:11
8. "Recueillement" (Meditation) 2:30
9. "La Muse vénale" (The Venal Muse) 1:22
10. "Ciel brouillé" (Cloudy Sky) 2:27
11. "Une charogne" (A Carcass) 2:25
12. "Le Vert Paradis (Moesta et Errabunda)" (Grieving and Wandering) 3:55


  • The orchestra consists of session musicians hired for the recording


  • Arranger & orchestra conductor: Jean-Michel Defaye
  • Director of engineering: Gerhard Lehner
  • Executive producer: Richard Marsan
  • Artwork: Vanni Tealdi (first edition), Charles Szymkowicz (second edition)


  1. ^ Ferré asked to remove this title when the album was first reissued in 1973. It is unavailable since then.