Lézarde Express Régionale

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Lézarde Express Régionale
to Fécamp
to Étretat
Les Ifs
to Bréauté-Beuzeville
Turretot - Gonneville
Harfleur (Halte)
Line to Paris Saint-Lazare
Le Havre-Graville
Le Havre

Lézarde Express Régionale or Chemin de Fer de la Vallée de la Lézarde is an express railway line between Le Havre and Rolleville in Seine-Maritime, France.

The LER is a new fast service introduced in September 2001 to integrate this railway line into the Le Havre bus network and operated by the commune's council.


The line connecting Le Havre to Fécamp was opened in stages. A spur was opened between Graville and Montivilliers on 1 October 1876. An extension was then built to Rolleville and opened on 14 August 1896 with the last section to Les Ifs (on the Le Havre to Fécamp line) on 24 December of the same year.

The line was in the 1990s transporting 150 passengers a day and it was decided to modernise the line and create a simpler and faster service: Lézarde Express Régionale [1].

Lézarde Express Régionale[edit]

The journey is made by X 73500 and X 76500 DMUs for a length of journey of 20 minutes between Le Havre and Montivilliers.

The line is of simple design as it is formed by a single track from the junction with the main line to Paris up to its terminus in Rolleville. The frequency between Le Havre and Montivilliers is two return journeys every hour. The frequency between Montivilliers and Rolleville however is restricted to only 5 return journeys daily.[1]

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