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Lützelau - Zürichsee - Feldbach - Etzel 2010-10-21 16-40-30.JPG
Lützelau as seen from the Etzel mountain, Ufenau to the left
Karte Zürichsee V2.png
Location Lake Zürich
Highest elevation 414 m (1,358 ft)
Canton Schwyz
District Höfe

Lützelau (Old High German: little island) is an island located, with the neighbouring island of Ufenau, in Lake Zürich in Switzerland between Rapperswil (1.6 km away) and Freienbach (3.0 km away).


Lützelau lies in Höfe district in the Canton of Schwyz. Since the 13th/14th centuries, it has belonged to the community of Rapperswil (now called Ortsbürgergemeinde). The island measures 33'480 m² in all, 430 m from east to west and 150 m from north to south. The highest point of the island is 414 metres above sea level or 8 metres above lake level (406 m).


First mentioned in the year 741, there was formerly a nunnery here, given by the Alamannic noblewoman Beata, daughter of Rachinbert and wife of Landolt. In the year 744, the nunnery, or abbey, was sold to Einsiedeln Abbey. In the late Middle Ages, Einsiedeln sold it to the Dukes of Rapperswil. From the 16th century, the Hospital of the Holy Ghost (Heiliggeistspital) was located here, which from 1810 was a quarantine hospital, in Swiss-German Siechenhaus. Remains of the former abbey church (8th century) were found in 1964. In 1927, Ufenau,[1] Lützelau and the so-called Frauenwinkel area in Lake Zurich were placed under conservation. Swimming, camping and other leisure activities are permitted on Lützelau campsite but forbidden on Ufnau, in the same way as the Frauenwinkel lake area. The island has a restaurant and a campsite. Tourist boat trips – run by the Zürichsee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft – sail from Zürich and Rapperswil to the island of Ufenau only; to Lützelau there is a commercial "island taxi" service from Rapperswil between May and September.


  1. ^ correctly spelled "Ufnau", but "Ufenau" is commonly used

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Coordinates: 47°13′15.97″N 8°47′35.49″E / 47.2211028°N 8.7931917°E / 47.2211028; 8.7931917