L'Amour avec un Grand A

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L'Amour avec un Grand A (Love With a Capital "L") is a French-Canadian television series that aired from 1986 to 1996 on Télé-Québec.[1] Created by Janette Bertrand, the series explored various complex sexual and taboo issues.[2] Some notable subjects included: rape, age difference in love, homosexuality while married, schizophrenia and spousal abuse.

Notable Episodes[edit]

In Lise, Pierre et Marcel we are told the story of Pierre, a married homosexual man. He discovers he is attracted to another man, Marcel. He is forced to confess and we see the hard consequences which the family receives, especially his wife, Lise. In the end, Pierre decides to leave his family and live with his boyfriend. The subject of being married and a homosexual was particularly taboo for this decade.

The episode Véronique et Louis deals with AIDS in a heterosexual relationship from the patient's perspective and the toll it takes on loved ones. At the time, this was another particularly taboo subject. In Le Petit Chaperon Rouge a woman recounts the gang rape she experienced when she was younger.


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