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L'Chaim Kosher Vodka
Type Vodka
Manufacturer L'Chaim Kosher Vodka
Country of origin Israel
Introduced 2010
Proof (US) 80
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Website www.lchaimkoshervodka.com

L'Chaim Kosher Vodka is a line of Israeli kosher alcoholic beverages. It is distributed by Group Force Capital, LLC of Miami, Florida,[1] in the Wynwood Art District.[2] L'Chaim (meaning “to life” in Hebrew) is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, the largest certifying body in the world. It is one of a number of certified kosher spirits.[3]


In 2010, L'Chaim Kosher Vodka was introduced to the market in New York, New Jersey, and Florida.[4] In 2011, L'Chaim signed a national distribution contract with Southern Wine & Spirits,[5] the nation's largest wine and spirits distributor.[6]

Ingredients and creation[edit]

L'Chaim Kosher Vodka is a corn-based vodka made with water from springs in the Golan Heights, and undergoes a triple distillation process in Or Akiva, along Israel's coastal plain.[7] It is prepared according to a Russian and European recipe brought to Israel by Jewish immigrants.[3] The vodka has been described as having "a crisp, slightly spicy flavor with hints of vanilla."[8]

The kosher certification of the vodka is intended to appeal to Jews and non-Jews alike.[9]

L'Chaim Vodka Kosher for Passover Line[edit]

In 2012, L'Chaim launched a kosher for Passover vodka made from beets instead of corn.[10] The vodka is suitable to be consumed on the Jewish holiday of Passover, only when it is in special packaging. The Kosher for Passover edition has a gold design on the bottle, as opposed to silver.


Product Introduced Description Size
L'Chaim Kosher Vodka 2009 Pure Premium Vodka 750ml/50ml/1.75L
L'Chaim Kosher Wine Concord Grape Red 2012 Sweet Red Table Wine 750ml
L'Chaim Kosher Wine Concord Grape White 2012 Sweet White Table Wine 750ml

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