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L'Desh Fresh
Agency Sullivan Higdon & Sink
Client Water.org
  • L'Desh Fresh
Release date(s) 2009

L'Desh Fresh is a fictitious bottled water company created by Water.org to raise awareness about unsanitary drinking water in developing nations.[1] Concepted and executed by the Kansas City advertising agency Sullivan Higdon & Sink (abbreviated SHS) with the help of Take 2 Productions, Back Alley Films, rw/2 and Evolution Audio, the L’Desh Fresh campaign features a viral marketing Web site, multiple eBay auctions and numerous social networking fan pages.

The Product[edit]

L’Desh Fresh touts itself as a unique alternative to traditional high-end bottled waters. L’Desh Fresh’s main flavor enhancements include arsenic, mud, urine and microscopic parasites.[2] These product attributes playfully call attention to harmful substances found in contaminated water from underdeveloped areas of the world.

The specific origin of L’Desh Fresh’s water source is never revealed. Some argue that this is a moot point because contaminated drinking water can be found in almost any developing country.[3]


There is a product Web site for L’Desh Fresh[4] explaining the company’s fake philosophies and approaches to bottling water. After spending a few minutes reading through the site, it becomes obvious that L’Desh Fresh is a spoofed product attempting to shed light upon world issues.


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