Hôpital Français de Hanoi

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Hôpital Français de Hanoï
Location 1 Phuong Mai, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam
Coordinates 21°0′12.83″N 105°50′26.88″E / 21.0035639°N 105.8408000°E / 21.0035639; 105.8408000Coordinates: 21°0′12.83″N 105°50′26.88″E / 21.0035639°N 105.8408000°E / 21.0035639; 105.8408000
Care system Private
Emergency department Yes
Beds 90[citation needed]
Founded 1997[citation needed]
Website hfh.com.vn
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The Hôpital Français de Hanoï (English: French Hospital of Hanoi, Vietnamese: Bệnh viện Pháp của Hà Nội), known in Vietnam under the name Bệnh viện Việt Pháp, formerly the Viet Nam International Hospital, is a privatised hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam, sold to a French company in September 2000. It is located at 1 Phuong Mai, Dong Da, Hanoi. Its staff include French and Vietnamese doctors.


The hospital was founded in 1997, as the Vietnam International Hospital, a joint venture between Bach Mai Hospital and an Australian company.[citation needed] In January 2000, the Australian company sold their share to French company Eukaria S.A. In September 2000 it was 100% privatised. It used to be the only international hospital in Vietnam.[citation needed]


They provide the following services: Accident & Emergency, Maternity, Ear-Nose-Throat & Cervico-Maxillo Facial Surgery, Orthopedics & Traumatology, Urology, Gastro - Enterology, Visceral Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Cosmetic & Plastic surgery, and Dentistry.



The hospital was famous for the fighting against the Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003. Five of its staff died when treating the patients but the disease was successfully isolated and stopped in Vietnam.

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