L'amore medico

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L'amore medico
Opera by Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari
L'Amore Medico 5083435239 8d76280596 o.jpg
A scene with Antonio Pini-Corsi and Lucrezia Bori, 1914
Translation Doctor Cupid
Librettist Enrico Golisciani
Language Italian
Based on L'Amour médecin
by Moliere
Premiere 4 December 1913 (1913-12-04) (in German)
Hoftheater, Dresden

L'amore medico (Doctor Cupid, also known as The Love Doctor) is an opera in two acts by composer Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari. Based on Moliere's comedy L'Amour médecin, the work uses an Italian language libretto by Enrico Golisciani. It premiered on 4 December 1913 at the Hoftheater in Dresden[1] under the title Der Liebhaber als Arzt.

The opera's United States premiere took place on 25 March 1914 at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.[2][3]


Role Voice type[1] World premiere cast
4 December 1913
(Conductor: )
USA premiere cast[4]
25 March 1914
(Conductor: Arturo Toscanini)
Lucinda, Arnolfo's daughter soprano Lucrezia Bori
Clitandro, Lucinda's admirer tenor Italo Cristalli
Lisetta, a servant soprano Bella Alten
Arnolfo baritone Antonio Pini-Corsi
Tomes, a doctor bass Léon Rothier
Desfonandres, a doctor bass Andrés De Segurola
Macroton, a doctor baritone Robert Leonhardt
Bahis, a doctor tenor Angelo Badà
Notary bass Paolo Ananian


'Doctor Cupid (L'Amore Medico): Wolf-Ferrari's Comic Opera Based on a Comedy by Moliere, Punch Opera

  • Music Conducted by Rex Wilder
  • Directed by Nelson Sykes
  • Pianists: Robert Boberg and Barbara Ylvisaker
  • Sung in English by: Anita Beltram (Lucinda), John Miller (Clitandro), Martha Moore Sykes (Lisetta), Milton Gorman (Papa), Richard Roussin (Doctor Tomes); Bettie Harris Fox (Astrologer); Rex Coston (Magician); Margaret Fittz (Gypsy)
  • Recording date: 1952
  • Label: Abbey Records, LP No. 5

Wolf-Ferrari: Orchestral Works, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra


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