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L'architecture Vivante
Editor-in-chiefJean Badovici
CategoriesArchitecture magazine
First issue1923
Final issue1934
CompanyAlbert Morancé
Based inParis

L'Architecture Vivante was a French language quarterly magazine for avant-garde architecture published in France from 1923 to 1932.

History and profile[edit]

L’Architecture Vivante was published quarterly[1] between 1923[2] and 1932. Jean Badovici, a Romanian architecture and critic, edited the magazine for two years from 1923 to 1925.[3] He was an influential critic and mentor in France of international modern architecture, and he convinced the publisher, Albert Morancé, of the need for such a magazine.

L’Architecture Vivante devoted to modern architecture and design.[3] The quarterly immediately became an influential advocate of the International style (Bauhaus, Constructivism, De Stijl).[1]

Badovici's friend Le Corbusier, for instance, became one of the architects whose ideals were frequently discussed in the magazine. Badovici cultivated relations with other European avant-garde magazines such as Wendingen (Netherlands) and Cahiers d'Art (France), founded in 1926 by his friend Christian Zervos.

Each issue of L’Architecture Vivante routinely presented a number of architects and their works, but a few issues were devoted to a single designer (Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and, in 1929, Eileen Gray and her home E-1027).[4][5]

Reeditions L’Architecture Vivante[edit]

The issue concerning Eileen Gray / E.1027:

  • Eileen Gray, Jean Badovici: E. 1027: Maison en bord de mer. In L’Architecture Vivante. Reedition Éd. Imbernon, Marseille 2006, ISBN 2-9516396-5-1.

The complete edition:

  • L'Architecture vivante, Da Capo Press, New York, c 1975

L’Architecture Vivante in libraries[edit]

In the United States (excerpts):

In Europe (excerpts):


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