The Reluctant Spy

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The Reluctant Spy
L'honorable Stanislas, agent secret.jpg
Directed by Jean-Charles Dudrumet
Produced by Films de la Licorne, Italgamma
Written by Michel Cousin
Jean-Charles Dudrumet
Starring Jean Marais
Geneviève Page
Music by Georges Delerue
Release date
4 September 1963 (France)
Running time
91 minutes
Country France, Italy
Language French

The Reluctant Spy (French: L'honorable Stanislas, agent secret, Italian: Spionaggio senza frontiere, also known as How to Be a Spy Without Even Trying) is a French-Italian spy-comedy film from 1963, directed by Jean-Charles Dudrumet, written by Michel Cousin, starring Jean Marais and Geneviève Page.[1][2]

It is a parody of espionage films.[1] It was followed by sequel Pleins feux sur Stanislas.[1]


Stanislas Dubois is a businessman who dresses according to contemporary standards. When he meets a woman on a date in a restaurant, he's clad in a coat. Upon leaving he confuses a similar coat with his own one. Following this mix-up he becomes increasingly aware that he's got meanwhile something about him which attracts peculiar people. Hidden in his new coat is a microfilm which interests more than one secret service. Once he's already drawn into the world of international espionage, a secret service of his own country hires him to lure enemy spies into a trap, hereby serving as bait.



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