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For the all-female grunge band from Los Angeles, see L7 (band).
Origin Detroit, Michigan, United States
Genres post-punk
Years active 1980 (1980)–1983 (1983)
Labels Touch and Go Special Forces
Past members Larissa Stolarchuk (singer)
Dave Rice (guitar)
Charles McEvoy (keys, reeds)
Mike Smith (drums)
Frank Callis (bass)
Scott Schuer (guitar)
Kory Clarke (drums)

L-Seven was a post-punk band from Detroit, Michigan, United States. The band existed during 1980–1983 and released a 7" titled "L-Seven" by Touch and Go Special Forces in 1982. Touch and Go Special Forces was created to issue records that of a different nature than the hardcore records that Touch and Go was issuing at the time.[1] L-Seven's record was the only release under the "Special Forces" imprint. Singer Larissa Stolarchuk later played guitar in Laughing Hyenas (as Larissa Strickland), a band she formed with her boyfriend, former Negative Approach singer John Brannon. She died on October 9, 2006.[2] Drummer Kory Clarke fronts the long-running band Warrior Soul.


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