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LBC Crew
Origin Long Beach, California, U.S.
Genres West Coast hip hop, Gangsta rap
Years active 1995–1997
Labels Death Row Records, Doggystyle Records, Hoo Bangin' Records
Associated acts Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, Soopafly, Tupac Shakur, The Outlawz, Mack 10, Tha Eastsidaz, Warren G, Nate Dogg
Members Bad Azz
Lil C-Style
Past members South Sentrelle
Tray Deee

The LBC Crew (Long Beach City Crew) is a collective of Long Beach-based rappers. They were the first act to be executively-produced by Snoop Dogg. In 1997, The LBC Crew was signed to Doggystyle Records, a label operated by Snoop and distributed through Snoop's then record label, Death Row Records. Their debut album titled "Haven't You Heard" was released in February 2011.

During their time with Death Row, the LBC Crew recorded a previously unreleased album entitled 'Haven't U Heard...' which remained unreleased until February 8, 2011 when it was released by WideAwake/Death Row. They had a hit single with the song "Beware Of My Crew", from the A Thin Line Between Love and Hate soundtrack, which was originally intended to be for their debut album. They played on Snoop Dogg's second album Tha Doggfather. The group disbanded following the collapse of Death Row. Since then, unreleased material from the group emerged on the underground.

The LBC Crew remained visible figures in West-Coast hip-hop. Bad Azz released two solo albums under the Doggy Style imprint. Tray Deee went on to larger fame as part of Snoop Dogg's Eastsidaz. Lil C-Style remained part of disorganized Death Row camp. And Techniec recently signed to The Game's The Black Wall Street Records then left to start his own label.

The Break-Up[edit]

Early on in the LBC Crew's lifespan, a small dispute broke out between Lil' C-Style and Snoop Dogg over C-Style's royalties (he claimed he wasn't being paid enough for them). The argument was never settled, resulting in C-Style damaging the original tape of LBC's debut album beyond repair, and telling Snoop he no longer wanted to be part of the group.[1]


  • Techniec (original member) (David Keith Williams II)
  • Bad Azz (original member) (Jamarr Antonio Stamps)
  • Lil' C-Style (original member) (Ronald Peter Griffon




    • "Funk With Your Brain (Interlude)"(originally recorded for the album later included in Snoop Doggy Dogg: The Lost Sessions)
    • "Tight Situation"(Unreleased)
    • "Blueberry" (originally recorded for the album later included in Tha Doggfather)
    • "Out the Moon /Boom, Boom, Boom" (originally recorded for the album later included in Gridlock'd (OST) with 2Pac replacing Lil' C-Style
    • "Dippin' In My Low-Low" (re-recorded with Shaquille O'Neal for an unreleased Shaq project
  • 1995: A Thin Line Between Love and Hate soundtrack (Warner Bros. Records)
    • LBC Crew : "Beware of my crew EP" #75 US, #51 R&B, #8 Rap, #23 Dance-Maxi
  • 1998: Big C Style Presents:19th Street LBC Compilation
    • "Flossin'" (Tray Deee, Bad Azz, Lil' C-Style) (re-up)
  • 2010: The Ultimate Death Row Box Set (Death Row Records)
    • "6 Shooter" (Techniec, Bad Azz, Tray Deee, Lil' C-Style)
    • "Doggystyle 96'" (Bad Azz, Techniec, Lil C-Style, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Warren G)




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