L.M.L. (album)

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L.M.L. (Nu Virgos album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by Nu Virgos
Released September 13, 2007
Recorded 2006-2007
Genre Dance-pop
Pop rock
Teen pop
Contemporary R&B
Length 37:12
Language English
Ukrainian (in 1 track)
French (in 1 track)
Label Monolit Records
Producer Konstantin Meladze
Dmitry Kostyuk
Nu Virgos chronology
Singles from L.M.L.
  1. "Take you back"
    Released: November 2004
  2. "I don't wanna man"
    Released: April 2005
  3. "L.M.L."
    Released: June 2006

L.M.L. is the second English album and fifth overall studio album by Nu Virgos.


The title of the album comes from the song in the album titled "L.M.L.".


The album was released in Russia on September 13, 2007, and in Asia on September 19, 2007. The album hit the charts for a few months and the result was worth the efforts. In the first few months after release, the album was the money maker for the company Monolith.[citation needed] Author of the songs is, as always, Konstantin Meladze.

Track listing[edit]

Original 2007 release
No. Title Length
1. "L.M.L." 4:09
2. "Tell Me Lie" 4:20
3. "Thunderstorm" 3:22
4. "Diamonds" 3:27
5. "Take You Back (album version)" 4:00
6. "HuMENology" 3:45
7. "No Joy & No Sorrow" 3:00
8. "Director" 3:58
9. "My Beloved" 3:23
10. "I Don't Wanna Man (feat. TNMK)" 3:43


Release history[edit]

Country Release date
Russia September 13, 2007

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