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LOC, L.O.C., Loc, LoC, or locs may refer to:




Other uses[edit]

  • Letter of Credit LoC or L/C, is a letter from a bank or insurance company guaranteeing that a buyer's payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount
  • Lab-on-a-chip, a device that integrates multiple laboratory functions on a single chip
  • Level of consciousness, a medical assessment of a patient's presence or degree of altered level of consciousness
  • Limit of convection or equilibrium level, the height at which a rising parcel of air is at the same temperature as its environment
  • Limiting oxygen concentration, the limiting concentration of oxygen below which combustion is not possible
  • Lines of code, a software metric used to measure the complexity of a software program
  • LOC record, geolocation information resource record in Domain Name System
  • A medical acronym for Loss of consciousness
  • Look out circular, a message used by Interpol in India to stop wanted people from leaving the country
  • Steel Battalion: Line of Contact or LoC
  • Liquid Organic Cleaner, a product of Amway from 1959

People with the name[edit]

  • Goldie Loc (born 1980), American rapper
  • Spider Loc (born 1979), American rapper
  • Tone Lōc (born 1966), American hip-hop artist and director
  • OG Loc, fictional character in Grand Theft Auto

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