L.T. Haas (steamboat)

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LT Haas running on Lake Washington ca 1911.JPG
L.T. Haas on Lake Washington.
Name: L.T. Haas
Owner: Henry Cade; Carlson Bros; Anderson Boat Company
Route: Lake Washington
Builder: G.V. Johnson
In service: 1902
Out of service: 1909
Fate: Destroyed by fire
General characteristics
Type: inland steamboat
Tonnage: 89
Installed power: steam engine
Propulsion: propeller

The steamboat L.T. Haas was a vessel that operated on Lake Washington in the first part of the 20th century.


L.T. Haas was built in 1902[1] by G.V. Johnson, who owned an early shipyard on Lake Washington.[2]

Operating career[edit]

L.T. Haas, rated at 89 tons, was originally operated by Harry Cade and the Carlson Brothers, who, doing business as the Interlaken Steamship Company, ran her on the Leschi Park-Meydenhauer Bay route. Later Captain John Anderson of Anderson Steamboat Co. acquired L.T. Haas when he merged the Interlaken concern into his own company.[3] L.T. Haas was destroyed by fire in 1909 while on the lake.[4]

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