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Lionel Edward Dawson (1887[1] – 1976[2]) was a philatelist who won the Crawford Medal from the Royal Philatelic Society London for his work on The One Anna and Two Annas Postage Stamps of India, 1854-55. He was an expert on the stamps of India and the Feudatory States and signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in 1961.[2]

Dawson was the Editor of the Philatelic Journal of India between 1934 and 1944. In 1954 he delivered a paper to The Royal on "The Locally Printed Stamps of Tibet, 1912-1953" which was subsequently printed in The London Philatelist[3] and in 1955 he won the Tilleard Medal from the society for his display of Indian Feudatory States.[2]

A photograph of L.E. Dawson in a tweed jacket appears on page 2 in the catalog of his collection sold by Robson Lowe on 9 November 1966.


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