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LABash is an annual student Landscape Architecture conference held in North America. Each year, LABash is hosted by a different University in the United States or Canada. Students and professionals, have traveled from Canada and some as far away as South Korea and New Zealand to attend. The conference consists of guest speakers, workshops, design charettes, expos and social events.

The annual event was founded by three Landscape Architecture students James Macgregor from the University of Guelph and Ted Baker and Al Reghr from the University of Toronto ]]. They traveled to several other landscape architecture schools in Canada and the Eastern US to network and exchange knowledge and skills. In 1970, the first LABash conference was held at the University of Guelph, Ontario. It has since become a tradition to host the conference in different universities each year. Landscape architecture professionals, past graduates, current students and professionals and students from related fields such as urban planning, architecture, urban design, and art have joined to celebrate landscape architecture, learn new skills, network with other students and prospective employers, and gain inspiration for their work.


1970 – University of Guelph[edit]

1971 – Louisiana State University[edit]

1972 – University of Wisconsin[edit]

1973 – West Virginia University[edit]

1974 – Cal Poly-Pomona University[edit]

1975 – Michigan State University[edit]

1976 – University of Georgia[edit]

1977 – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg Virginia[edit]

1978 – University of Guelph[edit]

1979 – Kansas State University[edit]

1980 – University of Florida[edit]

1981 – University of Arizona[edit]

1982 – Penn State University[edit]

1983 – Purdue University[edit]

1984 – Iowa State University[edit]

1985 – University of Guelph[edit]

1986 – University of Georgia[edit]

1987 – University of Montreal[edit]

1988 – Ohio State University[edit]

1989 – Louisiana State University[edit]

1990 – Penn State University[edit]

1991 – Kansas State University[edit]

1992 – University of Texas[edit]

1993 – Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo University[edit]

1994 – University of Illinois[edit]

1995 – University of Guelph[edit]

1996 – Ball State University[edit]

1997 – University of Arkansas[edit]

1998 – West Virginia University[edit]

1999 – University of Kentucky[edit]

2000 – University of Wisconsin-Madison[edit]

2001 – University of Montreal[edit]

2002 – Temple University[edit]

2003 – North Carolina State University[edit]

2004 – University of Florida[edit]

2005 – Ohio State University[edit]

2006 University of Maryland[edit]

2007 Conference[edit]

Louisiana State University hosted the Conference with the theme "Survive" from February 22 to 24, 2007. It was held in the Baton Rouge Sheraton Hotel. Some speakers included Peter Walker who is known for his project on the World Trade Center Memorial and futurist David Zach. The conference hosted over 700 students and 150 professionals.

2008 Conference[edit]

University of Guelph held the Conference for the fifth time from February 21 to 24, 2008 with the theme "Frontiers of Landscape Architecture". Keynote speakers included Craig Kielburger.

2009 Conference[edit]

The 2009 Conference was held from February 26 through February 28 at Pennsylvania State University. The conference was held at the Penn Stater, a hotel on the campus, with one evening of social events held at the Days Inn.


Alcohol was removed from conference events after the first night. Three free beer or soda coupons were given to the guests, with those 21 and older receiving wrist bands to be allowed to drink. Many minors were found with alcohol, and some guests brought alcohol into the social.

2010 Conference[edit]

The 2010 Conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was hosted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The theme was "outLANDish" and it sure held true to its brand. Venues included UNLV, Sunset Park, the World Market Center Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, the Clark County Wetlands Park, the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, the Hoover Dam, the Neonopolis, the Fremont Street Experience, and all the fabulousness of the Las Vegas Strip.

2011 Conference[edit]

At the 2009 Conference, Purdue University was unanimously chosen to host the 2011 LABash Conference.


March 21–23, 2013 University of Georgia. Athens, GA

2012 Florida International University[edit]

Miami, FL

2013 University of Georgia[edit]

Athens, GA

2014 University of Wisconsin - Madison[edit]

Madison, Wisconsin [1]

2015 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo[edit]

2016 The Ohio State University[edit]

Held in Columbus, Ohio. Keynote speakers included Shannon Nichol of GGN, Laura Solano of MVVA, and Thomas Woltz of Nelson Byrd Woltz.[2]


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