LASALLE College of the Arts

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LASALLE College of the Arts
Maktab Seni Lasalle  (Malay)
拉萨尔艺术学院 (Chinese)
City Campus of LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore - 20080620.jpg
Type Publicly-funded[1] private[a][2] arts institution
Established 1984
President Prof Steve Dixon
Students 2700
Location 1 McNally Street, Singapore
Campus McNally Campus, Winstedt Campus
^ "Private" here does not refer to the funding but instead refers to the management of the institution, i.e. not a statutory board.

Lasalle College of the Arts (stylised as LASALLE College of the Arts, Chinese: 拉萨尔艺术学院), formerly LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, is an arts educational institution in Singapore. LASALLE College of the Arts in partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London, provides tertiary arts education. Founded in 1984 by De La Salle educator, Brother Joseph McNally, LASALLE today offers a range of diplomas and degrees in design, fine arts, film, media arts, fashion, dance, music, theatre, art therapy, Asian art histories, and arts management. LASALLE is a non-profit, private educational institution operating autonomously with financial support from the Singapore Ministry of Education. LASALLE provides both Polytechnic-level Diploma and Degree-level education. Other arts institution in Singapore is the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Relocation and facilities[edit]

Interior of the City Campus.

LASALLE moved to its new home in the heart of Singapore in June 2007.[3] Located in the Rochor area, bounded by Prinsep Street, Short Street, and Albert Street, the new City Campus sits on a one-hectare site, which is part of the area designated as the Arts, Design, Culture, Learning and Entertainment hub of Singapore.

The Winstedt campus is a new space designed as a comprehensive creative centre for studio work and research. With 4,357m2 of floor space, there are studios, workshops, state-of-the-art photography labs, a media arts lab, and student-led incubators.

Partner institution[edit]

LASALLE is a partner institution of Goldsmiths, University of London, renowned for having a creative and innovative approach to arts teaching and research. Goldsmiths has approved LASALLE as an appropriate tertiary institution in Singapore to offer degree programmes leading to Goldsmiths’ validated awards. All degree programmes offered at LASALLE have been designed and developed by LASALLE to fulfill the needs of the creative industries of Singapore and Asia-Pacific. These programmes have been validated through a process of external peer review by Goldsmiths' College, University of London, as being of an appropriate standard and quality to lead to a Goldsmiths' award.


LASALLE offers art courses including Diploma, Undergraduate, and master's degree. LASALLE also has several short courses that are designed for certain competencies.[4]

There are several Diploma programs at LASALLE, including Design Communication, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Animation, and Music. All those majors in Diploma can be continued into Bachelor or Undergraduate level. For masters or Graduate level, LASALLE offers major in Art Therapy, Arts & Cultural Management, Arts pedagogy and practice, Asian Art Histories, and Fine Arts.[5]


In February 2016, two items that were part of the group show "Fault-lines: Disparate and desperate intimacies" were removed from artist Loo Zihan's installation "Queer objects: An archive for the future". This action was agreed between ICA Singapore staff, curator Wong Binghao and Loo Zihan, and was due to the nature of the objects which could be potentially considered offensive to some members of the public.[6] The items were a penis sheath and a butt plug. The ICA Singapore, curator and artist emphasised that the decision was taken to make the exhibition accessible to all, including students of the LASALLE College of the Arts, half of whom are under 18 years old.[7]

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