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LAZ-695 «L'viv» — soviet and Ukrainian middle class city bus produced by Lviv Bus Factory.

LAZ-695 bus

The bus model underwent various modifications, but the major body composition and equipment remained the same. The most significant change from the first generation to the second (695/695Б/695Е/695Zh) was the front and rear modification.

The rear changes to the second generation 695M added a turbine air intake system with two vents in the roof, and the third generation 695Н/695НГ/695Д modernized the front end. Other variations between the generations include aesthetical changes, such as manufacturing emblems and headlight placement. The model was not faultless, (tight passenger space and frequent engine overheating in 2nd and 3rd generation models), the bus was characterized by simple construction and easy accessibility to all types of roads in Russia and CIS.


LAZ-695 was the first bus produced at Lviv Bus Factory in 1945. In 1949 the factory started to produce automobile wagons, trailers, auto-cranes and (experimental release) electromobiles. The initiative to develop and produce a new model of bus was supported by the government, and European samples of modern buses were brought to the LAZ factory. The models brought included Magirus, Neoplan, and Mercedes. The first bus engineered by Lviv Bus Factory was done in the year of 1955.


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