LA Ice Cola

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LA Ice-Cola
ManufacturerTru Blu Beverages
Country of originAustralia
Introduced1999 or 2000
Related productsCoca-Cola and Pepsi

LA Ice Cola is an Australian soft drink owned by Tru Blu Beverages.[1] It's similar to Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which are its competitors. It was launched in Australia in 2000.[2] The drink is mainly a supermarket brand, but is now distributing into the route channel, including independent service stations. The "LA" in the brand name has no meaning, and was selected because the marketing department decided the name would roll off the tongue.[citation needed]

The recently campaigned slogan reads: "Nothing’s Cooler than Ice!".

2.25L bottle of LA maxi ICE


There are 4 main types of LA Ice. The first is normal LA Ice. The second is LA Maxi Ice, which is sugar free. A third type, called LA Ice Café Cola, is fairly rare and hard to find. A fourth variety is LA Diet Ice.

LA Ice Cola is different from other soft drinks, in that it loses its carbonation a lot quicker than others. Some find that the loss of carbonation makes it taste better while others dislike it.[citation needed]

The main reason for the drink's popularity is that it is cheaper than some of its rivals, costing as little as $1 for 2 litres. LA Ice Cola is also the first cola brand in Australia to introduce a Coffee Variety. LA Ice Café Cola is comparable to Pepsi Tarik in flavour.


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