L.A. Plays Itself

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L.A. Plays Itself
LA Plays Itself title screen.jpg
Title screen
Directed by Fred Halsted
Produced by Fred Halsted
Written by Fred Halsted
Starring Jim Frost
Rick Coates
Fred Halsted
Joey Yale
Bob Blount
Cinematography Fred Halsted
Edited by Fred Halsted
Eight of Clubs
Distributed by Halsted Distribution[1]
Release date
April 1972
Running time
55 minutes
Country United States
Language English

L.A. Plays Itself is a 1972 American experimental gay pornographic film, direct and produced by Fred Halsted.

At the film's screening, Salvador Dalí was reportedly quoted as saying, "new information for me".[2]


The film is featured in Los Angeles Plays Itself, a documentary by Thom Andersen, which also borrows its name from the film.[3]

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