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Logo of Renegades (eSports).png
Divisions Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Rocket League
Super Smash Bros.
Founded 2015
Location Detroit, Michigan
Owner Jonas Jerebko
Partners 5-hour Energy
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The Renegades, also known as the Detroit Renegades and previously LA Renegades, is a professional eSports organization that fields teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Paladins, Rocket League, Vainglory, and Super Smash Bros. It previously had a League of Legends team that qualified for the 2016 North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), but it was sold to Team EnVyUs after the owners were banned from NA LCS ownership.

In September 2016, professional basketball player Jonas Jerebko purchased the rights to the Renegades franchise.[1]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[edit]

Renegades acquired the Australian CS:GO team Vox Eminor on June 19, 2015.[2] The Renegades were the first team announced to be participating in the ELeague. After placing second at IEM Taipei 2016, Renegades announced that Karlo "USTILO" Pivac would be replacing Luke "Havoc" Paton in their starting roster.[3] On June 17, 2016 Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill announced his retirement from competitive Counter-Strike.[4] Ricky "Rickeh" Mulholland was announced as SPUNJ's replacement on July 12, 2016.[5] Following Rickeh's departure to Counter Logic Gaming, Renegades first added Nemanja "nexa" Isaković to their roster for a brief four-month stint, before releasing him. As their new fifth, they acquired David "Jayzwalkingz" Kempner on a trial-basis from Fnatic's academy team, before releasing him after a month. On 1st of September, 2017, Keith "NAF" Markovic was added as the fifth player from OpTic Gaming.[6] He transferred to Team Liquid on 5th of February,[7] 2018 and was replaced by Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad three days later, as a long-term stand-in.[8]


ID Name Role Join date Hometown
AZR Aaron Ward Rifler 2015-06-19 [9] Brisbane, Queensland
jks Justi Rifler 2015-06-19 [9] Brisbane, Queensland
USTILO Karlo Pivac Rifler 2016-02-08 [10]
Gratisfaction Mark Mijic Awper 2017-03-31 [11]
jkaem (Stand-in) Joakim Myrbostad Rifler 2018-02-08 [8]
Ryu (Trial coach) Steve Rattacasa Coach 2018-06-23 [12]


ID Name Join date Leave date
Havoc Luke Paton 2015-06-19 2016-02-21
SPUNJ Chad Burchill 2015-06-19 2016-06-17
Rickeh Ricky Mulholland 2016-07-12 2017-03-06 [13]
yam Yaman Ergenekon 2015-06-19 2017-03-23 [14]
nexa Nemanja Isaković 2017-04-13 2017-08-18
Jayzwalkingz (Trial) David Kempner 2017-08-18 2017-09-01
NAF Keith Marcovic 2017-09-01 2018-02-05
kassad (Coach) Aleksandar Trifunović 2017-01-04 2018-05-17 [15]

Notable tournament results[edit]

Date Tournament Location Placement
2017-06-04 Asia Minor Championship - Kraków 2017 Beijing, China 1st
2017-10-29 Asia Minor Championship - Boston 2018 Seoul, South Korea 1st
2017-11-05 StarLadder i-League Invitational #2 Shanghai, China 1st
2017-11-12 iBUYPOWER Masters 2017 Santa Ana, United States 2nd


Renegades acquired the team "Leftovers" on January 18th, 2016.[16] Following the Halo World Championship, Spartan and StelluR left Renegades for Team Liquid.[17]


ID Name Age Role Join date
Commonly Hamza Abbaali 19 Slayer 2016-01-18
Ninja Tyler Blevins 24 Slayer 2016-01-18
Victory X Cameron Thorlakson 26 Slayer 2016-01-18
Penguin Zane Hearon 18 Slayer 2016-01-18
Symbolic Kory Arruda Coach 2016-01-18


ID Name Join date Leave date
StelluR Braedon Boettcher 2016-01-18 2016-04-29
Spartan Tyler Ganza 2016-01-18 2016-04-29

League of Legends[edit]

Full name Detroit Renegades
Nicknames RNG, REN
League League of Legends Championship Series
Team history Misfits (2014–2015)
Based in Detroit
Arena Riot NA LCS Studios
Colors Red and black
Owner Jonas Jerebko
Head coach Anthony Andrews
Broadcasters Riot Games,


Renegades was initially announced as an unnamed Challenger team in early March 2015 by Chris Badawi.[18] The team's first roster included mid laner Alex Ich and jungler Crumbzz, along with solo queue star support Remilia.[18] After tryouts for the remaining two positions, top laner RF Legendary and AD carry Intense joined the team, and they named themselves Misfits.[18] In April, Misfits participated in the AlphaDraft Challenger League (ADCL) and dropped only a single game during the regular season round robin, finishing 11-1 in first place. After the ADCL regular season ended, Intense left the team. Stixxay joined as a substitute AD carry and played with the team for the bracket stage of the ADCL, and they won the tournament, beating Frank Fang Gaming in the finals.[18]

Misfits played under the name The Expendables6 on the Challenger Ladder and were in third place at the cut-off date for NA Challenger Series (NACS) Summer Qualifier participation.[18] Danish AD Carry Jebus joined as the team's final permanent member, replacing Stixxay, but his first appearance was delayed due to visa issues. In the NACS Qualifier, Misfits played against Also Known As, Team Liquid Academy, and Magnetic, using two different substitute AD carries — Maplestreet against Also Known As and Magnetic, and Nien against Team Liquid Academy. Misfits swept their competition with three consecutive 2-0 victories and qualified for the Summer Season. The team shortly thereafter renamed to Renegades, with caster and former coach Chris "MonteCristo" Mykles joining as the team's co-owner.[2]

Prior to the start of the Challenger Series, Riot Games published a competitive ruling regarding team owner Chris Badawi claiming that he had inappropriately attempted to persuade otherwise contracted players to join the team (then Misfits), including Team Liquid's Quas and Keith. The ruling stated that if Renegades were to qualify for the LCS, Badawi would have to drop his ownership stake in the team. Multiple parties reacted to the ruling, including MonteCristo and Badawi himself, who both protested the fairness of the ruling; and team owners and managers Steve "LiQuiD112" Arhancet of Team Liquid,[19] Reginald of Team SoloMid, and Jack Etienne of Cloud9, who spoke out in support of it. Ultimately Badawi was banned from participating with the team in an official capacity and was forced to divulge his ownership stake in the team if they qualified for the LCS.[20]

Renegades finished the Challenger Series regular season with an 8-2 record and in second place, after losing a tiebreaker to Team Coast. However, in the playoffs, they defeated Imagine 2-1 and then Coast 3-2, earning a berth in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Season. Remilia became the first woman to qualify for the LCS in the league's history.[21]

In October 2015, Maplestreet stepped down from the starting roster. The organization announced open tryouts for his replacement.[22]


In January Renegades picked up a team in the European Challenger Series, dubbed Renegades Banditos. The team consisted of Erik "Tabzz" van Helvert, Matthew "Impaler" Taylor, Marc "Caedrel" Lamont, Barney "Alphari" Morris, and Aleksi "Hiiva" Kaikkonen, with subs Marcin "Xaxus" Maczka and Divit "DxAlchemist" Bui.[23]

In April 2016, the team was at the center of an ownership and management controversy, which resulted in the team being banned from the NA LCS and owners Chris Badawi and Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles selling the team to NBA player Jonas Jerebko. Following the transfer, the team was rebranded as Detroit Renegades.

Renegades' League of Legends roster was disbanded on 8 May 2016, after they allegedly "violated the competitive ban against Chris Badawi, misrepresented their relationship with TDK, and compromised player welfare and safety". The roster was sold eventually to Team EnVyUs on 18 May 2016.[24]


Final roster before disbanding[edit]

ID Name Age Role Join date
Seraph Shin Wu-Yeong Top Laner March 2016
Crumbz Alberto Rengifo 25 Jungler March 2015
Ninja Noh Geon-woo Mid Laner March 2016
Freeze Aleš Kněžínek 21 AD Carry January 2016
Hakuho Nickolas Surgent 23 Support June 2015


ID Name Age Role Join date
Leonyx Rob Lee Sub/AD Carry March 2016
maplestreet Ainslie Wyllie 25 Sub/AD Carry March 2015


ID Name Age Role Join date Leave date
RF Legendary Oleksii Kuziuta 23 Top Laner March 2015 March 2016
Alex Ich Alexey Ichetovkin 26 Mid Laner January 2015 March 2016
Remi Maria Creveling 23 Support June 2015 March 2016
Flaresz Cuong Ta Sub/Top June 2015 March 2016
Caedrel Marc Robert Lamont Sub/Mid Laner January 2016 March 2016
Jébus Karim Tokhi AD Carry May 2015 September 2015
Intense Ritchie Ngo AD Carry March 2015 May 2015


Renegades acquired the Gigantic roster known as Team ApeX on November 9, 2015. [25]

Super Smash Bros.[edit]

Renegades expanded into the Super Smash Bros. series on October 6th 2016.


Alias Full Name Game(s) Character(s) Joined
Swedish Delight James Liu Super Smash Bros. Melee Sheik 2016-10-06[26]


Alias Full Name Game(s) Character(s) Join date Leave date
Dabuz Samuel Buzby Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Rosalina & Luma 2016-10-06 2017-10-14


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