LBQS 1429-008

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LBQS 1429-008
Observation data (Epoch J2000)
Constellation Virgo
Right ascension 14h 32m 29.25s
Declination −01° 06′ 16.1″
Redshift 2.08[1]
Distance 10.5 gly
Type QSO
Apparent magnitude (V) 17.7
Other designations

LBQS 1429-0053, QSO B1429-0053, SDSS J143229.24-010616.0, VV2006 J143229.2-010617,

FIRST J143229.3-010614, QSO B1429-008A, HB93 1429-008, QSO B1429-0053A, QSO J1432-0106A, QSO B1429-008
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LBQS 1429-008 (QQ 1429−008, QQ 1432−0106, QQQ J1432−0106) is a physical triple quasar.[2] It was the first physical triple discovered.


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