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LDK Solar Co., Ltd.
Traded as OTC Pink: LDKYQ
Industry Photovoltaics
Founded 2005
Headquarters Xinyu, Jiangxi, China
Key people
Xiaofeng Peng (Chairman & CEO)
Revenue Increase US$1.643 billion (2008)[1]
Increase US$8.99 million (2008)[1]
US$70.223 million (2008)[1]
Total assets Increase US$ 3.373 billion (2008)
Total equity Increase US$ 775.9 million (2008)
Website www.ldksolar.com

LDK Solar Co. Ltd., located in Xinyu City, Jiangxi province in the People's Republic of China, manufactures multicrystalline solar wafers used in solar cells. Additionally, LDK provides wafering services for both monocrystalline and multicrystalline wafers to companies who provide their own ingot stock.[2] LDK's principal customers have included CSI, Chinalight Solar Co., Ltd., Solarfun Power Holdings Co., Ltd.,[3] Solartech Energy Corp., Solland Solar Energy B.V., and Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. The company has sold wafers to Chinalight primarily pursuant to short-term sales contracts, and monthly and quarterly purchase orders.[4]

Their distribution network for solar products covers over 43 distributors and wholesalers, across over 15 different countries.[5]


Xiaofeng Peng (born c.1975) founded LDK Solar (nicknamed Light) in July 2005 and is its chairman and chief executive officer. Mr. Peng first founded Suzhou Liouxin in March 1997, and was its chief executive officer until February 2006.[6] Suzhou Liouxin manufactured personal protective equipment products like gloves and employed 12,000. He considered adding solar cell wafers to its product line when he realized that no Chinese company was producing them. In 2005, Peng invested $30 million of his own money and $80 million of venture financing into building factories.[7]

Mr. Peng graduated from Jiangxi Foreign Trade School in 1993 with a diploma in international business and from Beijing University Guanghua School of Management with an executive MBA degree in 2002.[6] His net worth was $2.5 billion in 2008.[7]

2013 Xiaofeng Peng tried to run Ecommerce, Set up FFdms Co., tried C2B ecommerce model, but was not able to put in much time. In January 2014 given FFdms owed suppliers and employees salary scandals, a lot of illegal dismissal of employees lawsuits. April 2014 Xiaofeng Peng, as the respondent, requested access to personal bankruptcy liquidation proceedings.

Wafer capacity[edit]

LDK has stated an annualized capacity of 1.46 GW as of December 31, 2008, with plans to expand to 2.3 GW per year by the end of 2009. And has achieved 3GW at the end of 2010[8]

Wafer contracts[edit]

Release Date Customer Nation Size (Various Units) Contract Duration
16-Aug-07 Chuan-Yi [1] China $516M 2007-2010
29-Aug-07 Neo Solar [2] Taiwan $495M 2007-2009
Sep-24-07 Sunways [3] Germany 1GW 2008-2018
Sep-27-07 Mosel Vitelic [4] Taiwan $190M 2008-2013
Oct-03-07 SolarTech [5] Taiwan $224M 2008-2013
Oct-10-07 Chinalight [6] China RMB 1B 2008-2011
Oct-16-07 Solarfun [7] China RMB 2B 2008-2010
Oct-22-07 CSIQ [8] China RMB 4B 2008-2011
Dec-10-07 Q.Cells [9] Germany 6GW 2009-2018
Jan-17-08 Neo Solar [10] Taiwan 500MW 2009-2019
Feb-22-08 Hyundai [11] S. Korea 450MW 2008-2015
Apr-02-08 Moser Baer [12] India 640MW 2008-2017
Apr-04-08 Silcio S.A [13] Greece 50MW 2008-2013
Apr-04-08 Arise [14] Canada 33MW 2008-2011
May-05-08 Qimonda [15] Germany 540MW 2009-2013
Jun-13-08 Jiangxi Solar PV [16] China 70MW 2009-2013
Jun-30-08 CSIQ [17] China 800MW 2009-2018
Jul-16-08 Photovoltech [18] Belgium 400MW 2009-2018
Aug-13-08 XL Telecom [19] India 300MW 2009-2014
Aug-29-08 Hyundai [20] S. Korea 440MW 2009-2015
Sep-03-08 SolarTech [21] Taiwan 550MW 2009-2013
Sep-04-08 Sumitomo [22] Japan 750MW 2009-2016
Oct-17-08 GE [23] US 90MW 2009-2011
Oct-20-08 Helios [24] Italy 70MW 2009-2015
Nov-14-08 BP Solar [25] Italy 435MW 2009-2011
Jun-13-09 Jiangxi Solar PV Corp [26] China 70MW 2009-2014

Polysilicon production[edit]

LDK has contracted with Fluor Corp., an American engineering firm, for construction of a 15,000 Ton per Year polysilicon plant. The first 5000-ton train went into production in July 2009, with the second 5000 train scheduled for Q3 and third and final train by the end of 2010.[8][9]

A Second, 1000 Ton per Year Polysilicon Plant was Bought by LDK from Sunways AG, and entered Production Phase at the end of 2008.[8] On January 16, 2009 LDK announced the completion of their first polysilicon production run from their Sunways Plant [27].

Grid Parity Presentation


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