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Fluorescent Ink Menu Boards are reusable writing surfaces on which advertising and messages are made with fluorescent marker pens. They are also called:

  • LED Writing Boards
  • Multi Color Neon LED Menu Board
  • Multi Color Neon LED Message Board
  • Flashing LED board
  • Illuminated Menu Board
  • Fluorescent Menu Board
  • Fluorescent Signage

Content is handwritten on the glass or acrylic surface. Pens are available in many colors. Content can be removed by wiping the surface with a cloth eraser.

Fluorescent ink in the markers fluoresces and scatters the light. The light transmission through the markers creates a bright and colorful display. The most common illumination source for "Fluorescent Ink Menu Boards" is now LED. LEDs commonly have a half-life (to 1/2 brightness) of 50,000 hours. Previous models commonly used fluorescent or halogen illumination.

This type of message board uses a small number of low-power LEDs for illumination. Fluorescent Ink Menu Boards typically have a black background that allows the fluorescent ink to stand out with little illumination. These factors together result in a small power requirement even compared to LED Marquee style message boards.


Fluorescent Ink Menu Boards are commonly used for point-of-sale advertising, often seen in use at restaurants. They can be used indoors and outdoors. They are seen in restaurants, shopping malls, coffee shops, bars, nightclubs and other public place. They are often used for advertising daily specials, drink specials, upcoming events or promotions.