LFLS Kaunas

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LFLS Kaunas
Full name Lietuvos fizinio lavinimosi sąjunga
Nickname(s) kanarėlės (canaries)
Founded September 15, 1920
Dissolved 1945

LFLS Kaunas, or Lietuvos Fizinio Lavinimosi Sąjunga Kaunas, was a Lithuanian football club based in Kaunas in the years between World War I and World War II during Lithuania's first period of modern independence. The club was founded in 1919 and was a multicultural squad, which featured four Lithuanians, four Germans, and one player each of English, Jewish, and Serbian descent. It represented Lietuvos fizinio lavinimosi sąjunga (English: Lithuanian physical education union). The club installed the first football field and built the first stadium in Kaunas, published the first Lithuanian sports newspaper ("Lietuvos Sportas", since 1922) and established the Lithuanian football league in 1924. LFLS second team was the only Lithuanian football clubs second team which played in the top division during interbellum. It even managed to win third place in 1922.

LFLS Kaunas won four titles in the A Lyga during the interwar period, including the league's first two championships. The club won another league title in 1942, but was dissolved in 1945. It was resurrected for a short time in 1997, but soon it was dissolved again.

International games[edit]

Opponent Result Location Date
Latvia YMCA Riga 0:4 Kaunas 1922-06-08
Germany Ostas Eydtkuhnen 1:3 Kaunas 1922
Latvia LSB Riga 1:0 Riga 1922
Estonia Tallinn JK 1:7 Kaunas 1922
Latvia Riga FK 1:8 Riga 1929
Germany VFB 2:4 Kaunas 1929
Spain Europa Barcelona 2:4 Kaunas 1930
Austria Wiener AC 1:10 Kaunas 1931
Latvia Riga Vanderer 7:0 Kaunas 1934
Austria FAC Wien 1:1 Lithuania 1937
Estonia Tallinn JK 6:4 Tallinn 1937
Estonia Sport Tallinn 0:0 Tallinn 1937


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