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Royal Thai Army firing LG1 howitzer with extended range ammunition.jpg
Royal Thai Army firing extended range ammunition from LG1 during training in Lopburi, Thailand
Place of originFrance
Service history
Used bySee operators
Production history
DesignerGIAT Industries (now Nexter group)
ManufacturerGIAT Industries
No. built130[1]
Mass1,520 kg (3,350 lb)
Barrel length3.15 m (10 ft 4 in)

Shell105 mm NATO
CarriageSplit trail
Traverse±25° from centerline
Rate of fire12 rounds per minute
Maximum firing range17 kilometres (11 mi) using Base bleed rounds[2]

The LG1 is a modern 105 mm towed howitzer designed and produced by GIAT Industries (now Nexter group) of France.


The LG1 howitzer is a 105 mm towed artillery piece that features both low weight and a high level of accuracy over long distances. Its lightweight construction gives the barrel a relatively short lifespan. The equivalent full charge (EFC) count is suggested to be approximately 7,500; however, during fire and practice, has yielded only around 1,500 EFCs. The gun was specifically designed for use by rapid deployment forces with attributes such as ruggedness, ease of operation and reduced weight. It can fire all NATO standard 105 mm ammunition up to a range of 17 kilometres (11 mi) using HE-ER G3 base bleed rounds.[3]


The gun has been used by the Belgian Army, Canadian Army, Colombian National Army, Indonesian Marine Corps, Singapore Army and the Royal Thai Army.[1]

Current service version with Canadian artillery is the LG1 Mark II, of which 28 were purchased for the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA). Giat supplied the first howitzers in 1996 and fielding was complete by November 1997.

Planned improvements[edit]

In August 2005, DEPRO (GVB) Incorporated - a Canadian defence firm, was selected by the Canadian Forces to improve their LG-1 guns with improvements ranging from new & better muzzle brake, new-designed spades for better stability during firing and larger tires to replace the small Pirelli tires (which were found to be inadequate for proper ground clearance while on the move). It is expected that this new set of improvements will give the LG-1 howitzers greater reliability and lifespan, and increase the safety margin for the crew.[citation needed]

Combat history[edit]


Map with LG1 operators in blue and former operators in red

Current operators[edit]

 Belgium :

 Canada :

 Colombia :

  • Colombian Army - 20 LG1 MkIII operational since 2009.[4][5] There were several problems with its buffers and trunnions, along with accuracy issues in its INS Keafott KN-4051 fire control system after a few rounds and constant use/real fire training, therefore the manufacturer included improvements in its buffer system, cradle and trunnions, also the FCS was changed for the Nexter BACARA FCS, tested and approved in 2014.

 Indonesia :

 Malaysia :

 Thailand :

A single LG-1 105 mm light howitzer on static display during Singapore Army Open House.

Former operators[edit]

 Singapore :

 Rwanda :

  • The former Forces Armées Rwandaises received some LG1s, after the Rwandan Civil War erupted in 1990.[7]

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