LGBT rights in Alaska

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LGBT rights in Alaska
Map of USA AK.svg
Same-sex sexual activity legal? Legal since January 1, 1980
Gender identity/expression Sex change legal
Discrimination protections Sexual orientation covered in public employment
Family rights
Recognition of
Same sex marriage legal since October 12, 2014
(Hamby v. Parnell)
Adoption Legal since October 12, 2014
(Hamby v. Parnell)

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in the U.S. state of Alaska face some legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT Alaskans.

Law regarding same-sex sexual activity[edit]

Alaska repealed its sodomy law in January 1, 1980.[1]

Same-sex marriage[edit]

Adoption rights[edit]

Alaska permits adoption by same-sex couples.

Discrimination protections[edit]

State level[edit]

Map of Alaska boroughs, census areas, and cities that have sexual orientation and/or gender identity anti–employment discrimination ordinances
  Sexual orientation and gender identity with anti–employment discrimination ordinance
  Sexual orientation in public employment

An executive order prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation in state employment since 2002. There is no provision for gender identity in any law.[2] In 2015, representative Andy Josephson filed a bill banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity,[3] the bill is HB 19 and has two co-sponsors.[4]

Local level[edit]

The municipalities of Anchorage and Juneau cover sexual orientation and gender identity in public and private employment, public accommodations, and housing.[5][6]

Hate crime laws[edit]

State law does not address hate crimes based on gender identity or sexual orientation.[7]

Sex change[edit]

Transsexual persons born in Alaska may request an amended birth certificate with a corrected name and sex after undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

Summary table[edit]

Same-sex sexual activity legal Yes (Since January 1, 1980)
Equal age of consent Yes
Recognition of same-sex marriages Yes (Since October 12, 2014)
Recognition of same-sex couples Yes (Since October 12, 2014)
Step-child adoption by same-sex couples Yes (Since October 12, 2014)
Joint adoption by same-sex couples Yes (Since October 12, 2014)
Right to change legal gender Yes
Equal access to IVF Emblem-question.svg
Commercial surrogacy Emblem-question.svg
Sexual orientation Gender identity or gender expression
Anti-discrimination laws in public employment Yes (Since March 5, 2002) No
Anti-discrimination laws in private employment No No
Anti-discrimination laws in the public accommodations No No
Anti-discrimination laws in the housing No No
Anti-discrimination laws in the credit and lending services No No
Hate crime law No No
Ban on conversion therapy No No

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