LGBT rights in the Pitcairn Islands

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LGBT rights in Pitcairn Islands
Pitcairn Islands on the globe (French Polynesia centered).svg
Pitcairn Islands
Same-sex sexual activity legal? Legal since 2001
Military service Gays and lesbians allowed to serve openly (UK responsibility)
Discrimination protections Sexual orientation only since 2010
Family rights
Recognition of
Same-sex marriage since 2015
Adoption Legal since 2015

Sexual activity[edit]

Same-sex sexual activity is legal in the British overseas territory of the Pitcairn Islands since 2001.[1] The territory's constitution, enacted in 2010, prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.[2]

Recognition of unions[edit]

Same-sex marriage became legal in the Pitcairn Islands on 14 May 2015, on the principle; however, none of the c. 50 Pitcairn Islanders currently residing in the territory is known to be in a same-sex relationship.[3][4]

In the military[edit]

LGBT individuals may legally serve in the UK military, as the defence is the responsibility of the United Kingdom.[5]

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