African-American culture and sexual orientation

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DVD box cover from the TV series Noah's Arc.

Openly-LGBT African Americans have contributed extensively to many cultural and political events and institutions in the process of the ethnicity's enfranchisement and participation in the melting pot of the country while also becoming increasingly visible participants in the movement for LGBT civil rights in the United States. While LGBT African Americans often face homophobic bigotry from heterosexual African Americans (often derived from religious motivations), they also have come into conflict with LGBT European Americans due to matters of race and color in United States LGBT culture.[1]

United States[edit]

Various celebrations of U.S. African-American LGBT identity include various Black gay prides in heavily-black urban areas of the United States. In addition, various endeavors to increase African-American representation in LGBT media have been undertaken in the 21st century, such as the short-lived television series Noah's Arc.

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