LG Cup (Go)

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LG Cup (Go)
Full name LG Cup World Baduk Championship
Started 1996
Sponsors LG
Prize money 250,000,000 Won ($200,000)

LG Cup World Baduk Championship (Korean: LG배 세계기왕전, Hanja: LG杯 世界棋王戰) is a Go competition.


The LG Cup is sponsored by the LG Group of Korea. The LG Cup was created after the Kiwang title from Korea was abolished. There are 16 players who compete in a preliminary, and another 16 players are invited. The latest edition had 256 competitors in the preliminary, the biggest in history. The players are invited from the following WeiQi/Go/Baduk associations.

The final is a best-of-three match. The komi is currently 6.5 points. The winner's purse is 250,000,000 Won ($200,000).[1]

Winners & runners-up[edit]

Years Nat. Winner Score Nat. Runner-up
1996-1997 South Korea Lee Chang-ho 3–0 South Korea Yoo Changhyuk
1997-1998 Japan O Rissei 3–2
1998-1999 South Korea Lee Chang-ho 3–0 China Ma Xiaochun
1999-2000 China Yu Bin 3–1 South Korea Yoo Changhyuk
2000-2001 South Korea Lee Chang-ho 3–2 South Korea Lee Sedol
2001-2002 Yoo Changhyuk 3–2 South Korea Cho Hunhyun
2002-2003 Lee Sedol 3–1 South Korea Lee Chang-ho
2003-2004 Lee Chang-ho 3–1 South Korea Mok Jin-seok
2004-2005 Japan Cho U 3–1 China Yu Bin
2005-2006 China Gu Li 3–2 China Chen Yaoye
2006-2007 Chinese Taipei Zhou Junxun 2–1 China Hu Yaoyu
2007-2008 South Korea Lee Sedol 2–1 South Korea Han Sang-Hoon
2008-2009 China Gu Li 2–0 South Korea Lee Sedol
2009-2010 Kong Jie 2–0 South Korea Lee Chang-ho
2010-2011 Piao Wenyao 2–0 China Kong Jie
2011-2012 Jiang Weijie 2–0 South Korea Lee Chang-ho
2012-2013 Shi Yue 2–0 South Korea Won Seong-jin
2013-2014 Tuo Jiaxi 2–1 China Zhou Ruiyang
2014-2015 South Korea Park Jeong-hwan 2–1 South Korea Kim Ji-seok
2015-2016 South Korea Kang Dong-yun 2–1 South Korea Park Yeong-hun
2016-2017 China Dang Yifei 2–0 China Zhou Ruiyang


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