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For the suffix "-cyon", see List of commonly used taxonomic affixes.
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Cyon is LG Electronics' Korean mobile phone brand. LG established the brand in 1997. Like all other mobile phone brands in Korea, they feature the latest technologies such as cameras, Internet access, and TV through IP.

Origin of the name[edit]

From the original "Hwatong(화통)" it is renamed several times, into "Freeway" and then "CiON" or "CION", meaning a descendant of a noble blood. And then it is respelled into "CyON", and later to "CYON". When it was being respelled into CyON, it is said that the name was loosely derived from "cyber-on", implying connectivity to the "cyberspace"(or "cybernetic space"), where, in turn, "cyber-" and "cybernetics" find its etymology in Greek κυβερνήτης(steersman, skipper, guide, governor).

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