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PRADA Phone by LG
ManufacturerLG Electronics
Compatible networksGPRS/EDGE Tri-Band (900/1800/1900)
Availability by regionMarch 2007[1]
SuccessorLG Prada II
RelatedLG Chocolate
Form factorSlate
Dimensions98.8×54×12 mm
Mass85 g
MemorymicroSD Internal Memory Slot, behind the battery.
Display256K color TFT touchscreen, 240 × 400 px
Rear camera2 megapixel, video CIF (30 frame/s), flash
ConnectivityBluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0

The PRADA Phone by LG (KE850), better known as the LG Prada,[2] is a touchscreen smartphone made by LG Electronics, created in collaboration with Italian luxury designer Prada.[3] It was first announced on 12 December 2006[4][5] and was made official in a press release on 18 January 2007.[2]

The Prada was the first smartphone with a capacitive touchscreen, thus not requiring the use of a stylus.[6] Its black minimalist look, designed by Kang-Heui Cha,[7] was an evolution of LG's popular Chocolate.[8][9]

The LG Prada was announced shortly before Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPhone on 9 January 2007.[10][11][12] After the release of the iPhone the head of the LG Mobile Handset R&D Center was quoted saying he believed Apple had stolen the idea from the Prada after it was announced as part of the iF Design Award.[13][14] This claim would be disproven in Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co. series of lawsuits, where Apple prototypes created years before LG released the Prada were shown.


The LG KE850 phone featured a monochromatic user interface based on Flash, and there are influences by Prada not only in the interface but some pre-loaded content on the device such as ringtones.[15] There is a Micro SD slot for expandable memory, Bluetooth, and a few other extras include the ability to view PDF and Microsoft Office documents.[16] Four games were pre-loaded: Halloween Fever, Photo Puzzle, Virus, Pipe.

Korean Prada model with the DMB antenna

The model released in South Korea also featured a DMB TV receiver.[17]


The KE850 Prada was first released in the UK, France and Italy in March 2007,[1] retailing for 600 euros, followed by other European territories as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.[18] It was not released in American territories.[19]

A silver coloured model of the Prada was released in January 2008. It also featured a virtual QWERTY keyboard in place of T9.[20]


The KE850 sold 1 million units[21][22] in the first 18 months.[23] The touch slate design of the Prada would then influence those of other phones by LG, including the LG KS20 Windows Mobile smartphone,[24] and the LG Viewty in 2007.[25]

A successor, the LG Prada II (KF900) was announced in October 2008,[26] as well as the LG Prada 3.0 (P940) in 2012.[citation needed]


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