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LG ThinQ
LG ThinQ brand logo.png
Product typeSmart devices
OwnerLG Electronics
CountrySouth Korea
Introduced2011; 8 years ago (2011)
(officially launched in 2017)

LG ThinQ (pronounced as "think-cue"[1]; sometimes known as LG SmartThinQ) is a brand launched by LG Electronics in 2017, featuring products that are equipped with artificial intelligence technology.[2][3] The brand was originally launched for home appliances and consumer electronics, such as refrigerators and air conditioners.[4][5] In February 2018, LG announced the LG V30S ThinQ,[6] which is the first phone to have the "ThinQ" branding.


LG introducing their first lineup of THINQ products in 2011, with the former logo of the brand on the top.

The branding was first introduced in 2011 in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas as THINQ.[7] The first ThinQ-product is a smart refrigerator, with features such as smart savings options, food management system, and different softwares in the LCD screen on the fridge.[8]

The unified branding was then officially launched as ThinQ in the 2017 CES, an artificial intelligence-based brand for all their smart products.[9]


LG ThinQ products uses voice control to interact with users, and uses sensor data and different features such as product recognition & learning engine technologies to enhance its performances.[10][11]

Deep ThinQ (or LG ThinQ AI) was introduced as LG's own AI platform as ThinQ products' main AI platform.[12] It was reported that it could engage in two way conversations with users and could be able to educate itself according to the user's behaviour patterns and habits.[13]

In 2018, LG ThinQ-branded TV supported Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands.[14][15]

In August 30, 2018, LG's ThinQ products now communicate with each other for different tasks such as going to an event or doing a recipe and they have sensors for communicating with other ThinQ devices and appliances.




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