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LHDC (codec)
Developed byHWA Union, Savitech
Type of formatAudio codec

Low latency and High-Definition audio Codec (LHDC), also known as HWA, is an audio codec technology developed by the Hi-Res Wireless Audio (HWA) Union and Savitech. LHDC allows high-resolution audio streaming over Bluetooth.[1] Its main competitors are Qualcomm's aptX-HD and Sony's LDAC codec.


LHDC (also knwon as HWA) supports bitrates of 400\560\900 kbit/s, bit-depth of up to 24 bit and sample rate of up to 96 kHz.[1]

The first Smartphone to support LHDC was the Huawei Mate 10.[2]

On 17 September 2019, the Japan Audio Society (JAS) certified LHDC with their Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification. Currently the only codecs with the Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification are LHDC and LDAC.[3]

As of Android 10, LHDC is not officially supported, LHDC is required to be implemented by smartphone manufacturers or Android apps. Android apps that support LHDC include Savitech's Hi-Res BT Player, FiiO Music, HIFIMAN Music and DA&T Audio.


Low Latency Audio Codec (LLAC) is based on the high definition wireless audio technology from LHDC, but designed for low latency. Savitech claims LLAC has end-to-end latency of around ~30ms. LLAC supports bitrates of 400/600kbit/s, bit-depth of up to 24 bit and sample rate of up to 48 kHz. LLAC has no hardware requirement for transmitter.[4]

The first Smartphone to support LLAC was the Huawei P30.[5]

Hi-Res Wireless Audio (HWA) Union[edit]

On 2 September 2018 the Hi-Res Wireless Audio (HWA) Union was formed to promote LHDC adoption.[6] Also knwon as the HWA Alliance. The HWA Union Board of Directors includes:

Other HWA Union members include:

HWA Certification[edit]

On the March 27, 2018, Huawei and Savitech announced the Hi-Res Wireless Audio (HWA) Certification. Platinum HWA Certification requires frequency response over 40 kHz, THD+N<-90 dB, SNR>110 dB, and playback using the at least 24bit/96 kHz. Gold HWA Certification requires frequency response over 20 kHz, THD+N<-80 dB, SNR>100 dB, and playback using the at least 24bit/48 kHz.[7]

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