LH 95

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LH 95
LH 95.jpg
The stellar nursery LH 95, in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Credit: NASA/ESA
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension05h 37m 04.32s[1]
Declination−66° 22′ 00.7″
Distance~163000 (~50000)
Apparent magnitude (V)11.10[1]
Apparent dimensions (V)0.80' x 0.65'[1]
Physical characteristics
Other designationsLH 95, KMHK 1139, 2MASS J05370431-6622007[1]
See also: Open cluster, List of open clusters

LH 95 is a modestly sized stellar nursery in the Large Magellanic Cloud. It is related to the HII-region LHA 120-N 64, that is, a region of hydrogen ionized by the bright stars of LH 95.

Previously only young bright stars were known in this stellar association.[2] Imaging using the Hubble Space Telescope, however, allowed the identification of more than 2,500 pre–main sequence stars with masses down to about 0.3 solar masses, thereby giving a detailed picture of what a typical stellar association in the LMC looks like.[3]

The large sample of low-mass pre–main sequence stars, stars that are currently under formation, in LH 95 allows the construction of the first most complete Initial Mass Function of an extragalactic star forming cluster.[4] The Initial Mass Function of LH 95 does not seem to differ from that typical for the Milky Way.


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