LJN Video Art

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LJN Video Art
TypeEducational home video game console
GenerationThird generation
Release date
  • WW: 1985 (1985)
MediaROM cartridge
Controller input1 controller port
Best-selling gameVideo Art Activity Cartridge

The LJN Video Art is an educational home video game console that was developed and manufactured by LJN. The console was introduced in 1985, but the exact release date is unknown. Video Art was intended to compete against television instead of the mainstream game consoles at the time, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Master System.

The advertisements include a rap-style beat, saying "Watching TV, watching TV, you just keep searching for something to see. But then my mom, she got smart! She got me Video Art!"


Functionality is similar to basic personal computer paint programs such as MacPaint and Microsoft Paint, and also offers games with a coloring book.

A single cartridge is included in the product, titled Video Art Activity Cartridge. It contains several wire frame drawings that can be colored, similar to a coloring book. Turning on the system without the cartridge inserted gives the user a blank screen which can be drawn upon.

List of Games[edit]

In total, nine games were released for the LJN Video Art. These include:

  • A Trip To The Zoo
  • Disney Coloring Book
  • Disney Story Book
  • Looney Tunes
  • Marvel Super-Heroes
  • My Dream Day
  • My Favorite Doll
  • On the Move
  • Video Art Activity Cartridge


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