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Type Broadcasting association
Country  Netherlands
Availability  Netherlands
Founded 4 September 2005
Slogan De kleinste omroep met de grootste idealen
(The smallest broadcaster with the biggest ideals)
Official website

LLiNK is a former Dutch broadcasting association which produced radio and television programmes for the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system, NPO. Its self-proclaimed aim is the making of positive and solution-focused programmes dealing with global relationships, human and animal rights, nature and the environment in a spirit of practical idealism.[1]

It was announced in November 2009 that NPO would cease carrying programming produced by LLiNK by the end of 2010 owing to "administration, finances and membership problems".[2] LLiNK appealed against the decision with an online viewer petition to keep the channel on air,[3] and when the association ceased broadcasting on NPO in September 2010, its operators continued to maintain a request for renewed access to the public broadcasting system.[4] The Amsterdam court decided on 29 April 2011 that LLiNK could not return to the public broadcasting system. In 2015, the website of LLiNK was no longer accessible, showing only a message that "LLiNK is currently off air".

Television programmes[edit]

Radio programmes[edit]

LLiNK radio programmes included:


As well as those mentioned above, other presenters included:

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