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LM Wind Power
Founded1940; 81 years ago (1940)
FoundersEjner Lorentzen
Aage Skouboe
HeadquartersKolding, Denmark
Key people
Duncan Berry (CEO)
ProductsWind turbine blades
Number of employees
ParentGeneral Electric (2017-present)

LM Wind Power (formerly LM Glasfiber[1]) is a Danish multinational wind turbine rotor blades manufacturer and is a subsidiary of General Electric.[2]

LM Wind Power has manufactured more than 175,000 blades since 1975.


LM Wind Power was founded in 1940 as Lunderskov Møbelfabrik (Lunderskov furniture factory) in the small town Lunderskov, Denmark. In 1952 they investigated the possibilities of commercial exploitation of glass fiber technology, which made them change their name to LM Glasfiber and abandon their original plan of manufacturing wooden furniture. It wasn't until 1978 they started making wind turbine blades.[3]

On 11 June 2010, LM Wind Power took part in setting an aviation record. They commissioned the An-225 to carry the world's longest piece of air cargo, as it flew two new 42-meter wind turbine blades from their factory in Tianjin, China to their test facility in Lunderskov, Denmark.[4]


LM Wind Power employed approximately 4,505 employees worldwide at the end of 2014.[5] The company is headquartered in Kolding, Denmark and has a global business office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. LM Wind Power has built production facilities in the major wind energy markets – 13 locations in 8 countries (Denmark, Spain, USA, Canada, India, China, Poland and Brazil). In addition to this, the company has a global network of R&D Centres in Denmark, the Netherlands, and India.


From 2001 until 2017 principal shareholders of LM Wind Power were the partnerships by Doughty Hanson & Co. Ltd., and LM was the world's largest independent blade supplier.[6] In April 2017, LM Wind Power was acquired by GE Renewable Energy for an enterprise value of €1.5 billion.[7]


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