LNH Division 1

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LNH Division 1
Current season, competition or edition:
LNH Division 1.png
Countries France
Confederation EHF
Founded 1952 (Nationale 1A)
1985 (Division 1)
Number of teams 14
Relegation to Division 2
Level on pyramid Level 1
Domestic cup(s) Coupe de France
Coupe de la Ligue
International cup(s) Champions League
EHF European Cup
Current champions PSG Handball
Most championships Montpellier AHB (14)
Website http://www.lnh.fr/

The Division 1 of Ligue Nationale de Handball is the premier men's professional handball league in France, administered by the French Handball Federation. Founded in 1952, it is currently contested by 14 teams.

The Montpellier Agglomération Handball is the most successful club with 14 titles, but this is also the club which won the most consecutive titles: 5 between 2002 and 2006 and between 2008 and 2012.

The champion and the vice-champion are directly qualified for the group phase of the EHF Champions League. The winners of the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue are qualified for the EHF Cup. If the winner of (one of) these cups is also the champion, the place(s) are attributed in terms of the final ranking.

Current season[edit]

2012–13 Teams[edit]

Club Stadium(s) Capacity
Aix-en-Provence Complexe du Val de L'Arc 1,500
Billère Sporting d'Este 1,500
Chambéry SH Le Phare 4,500
Fénix Toulouse Palais des Sports André Brouat 4,200
Montpellier AHB Palais des sports René Bougnol
Arena Montpellier
PSG Handball Stade Pierre de Coubertin 4,016
US Créteil Palais des Sports Robert Oubron 2,500
US Dunkerque Stade de Flandres 2,500
Saint-Raphaël Var HB Palais des Sports Jean-François Krakowski 2,000
HBC Nantes Palais des Sports de Beaulieu 5,500
US Ivry HB Gymnase Auguste Delaune 1,500
Cesson-Rennes Palais des Sports de la Valette 1,400
Tremblay-en-France Palais des sports de Tremblay-en-France 1,200
Sélestat Alsace Handball CSI Sélestat
Rhénus Strasbourg


Season Champion
1952–1953 Villemomble-Sports
1953–1954 ASPP Paris Handball
1954–1955 ASPP Paris Handball
1955–1956 Paris UC
1956–1957 ASPOM Bordeaux
1957–1958 ASPOM Bordeaux
1958–1959 Paris UC
1959–1960 AS Mulhouse
1960–1961 Bataillon de Joinville
1961–1962 Paris UC
1962–1963 US Ivry Handball
1963–1964 US Ivry Handball
1964–1965 SMUC
1965–1966 US Ivry Handball
1966–1967 SMUC
1967–1968 Stella Saint-Maur
1968–1969 SMUC
1969–1970 US Ivry Handball
1970–1971 US Ivry Handball
1971–1972 Stella Saint-Maur
1972–1973 Cercle Sportif Laïc Dijon
1973–1974 Paris UC
1974–1975 SMUC
1975–1976 Stella Saint-Maur
1976–1977 RC Strasbourg
1977–1978 Stella Saint-Maur
1978–1979 Stella Saint-Maur
1979–1980 Stella Saint-Maur
1980–1981 USM Gagny
1981–1982 USM Gagny
1982–1983 US Ivry Handball
1983–1984 SMUC
Season Champion
1984–1985 USM Gagny
1985–1986 USM Gagny
1986–1987 USM Gagny
1987–1988 USAM Nîmes
1988–1989 US Créteil
1989–1990 USAM Nîmes
1990–1991 USAM Nîmes
1991–1992 Vénissieux handball
1992–1993 USAM Nîmes
1993–1994 OM Vitrolles
1994–1995 Montpellier Handball
1995–1996 OM Vitrolles
1996–1997 US Ivry Handball
1997–1998 Montpellier Handball
1998–1999 Montpellier Handball
1999–2000 Montpellier Handball
2000–2001 Chambéry Savoie Handball
2001–2002 Montpellier Handball
2002–2003 Montpellier Handball
2003–2004 Montpellier Handball
2004–2005 Montpellier Handball
2005–2006 Montpellier Handball
2006–2007 US Ivry Handball
2007–2008 Montpellier Handball
2008–2009 Montpellier Handball
2009–2010 Montpellier Handball
2010–2011 Montpellier Handball
2011–2012 Montpellier Handball
2012–2013 PSG Handball
2013–2014 US Dunkerque
2014–2015 PSG Handball
2015–2016 PSG Handball

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