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Role UAV
National origin China
Manufacturer LNINT
Introduction Nov 2010
Status In service
Primary user China

LNINT UAV is a Chinese UAV developed by Shandong Lu Power Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (LNINT, 山东鲁能智能技术有限公司), designed mainly for powerline inspection. Traditionally, powerline inspection is performed manually by inspectors, but in harsh terrains where vehicle access is limited, inspection job becomes difficult and efficiency of inspection on foot is too low. LNINT UAV is designed to help improve the powerline inspection efficiency by adopts airborne inspection for powerlines, and entered service in 2010. The complete name of LNINT UAV is Electrical Powerline UAV Intelligent Patrol & Inspection System (Shu-Dian Xian-Lu Wu-Ren-Ji Zhi-Neng Xu-Jian Xi-Tong (输电线路无人机智能巡检系统).[1] A total of two types of LNINT UAVs are publicized and both share the same name. The first one received state certification in Nov 2010, and it is an unmanned helicopter with conventional helicopter design, and the design won a national reward in the following year.[1] The second one is a fixed-wing UAV that first made its maiden flight on September 27, 2011 and subsequently went into service some time later.[1]

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