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LNZNDRF is a collaboration between Scott Devendorf, Bryan Devendorf and Ben Lanz (who has played on the road and in the studio with the Devendorf brothers in The National and is also a member of Beirut). LNZNDRF's eponymous debut was recorded in a church in Cincinnati, OH over two and a half days and contains eight songs, all of which were improvised and edited down from 30 plus minute jams. The album was released by 4AD on February 19, 2016. On August 5, 2016 the band released Green Roses, with a running time of just over 25 minutes. It was paired with b-side ‘Salida’ and released on a 12" vinyl.


  • LNZNDRF (2016)
  • Green Roses b/w Salida 12" (2016)