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Lo may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Lo!, the third published nonfiction work of the author Charles Fort
  • Lo (film), a 2009 independent film
  • Lo Recordings, a London-based record company established in 1995
  • Law & Order (franchise), several related American television series created by Dick Wolf
  • Lost Odyssey, a 2007 role-playing video game

Businesses and organizations[edit]




Science and technology[edit]

  • Lo, an obsolete genus of rabbitfishes, now included in Siganus
  • "Lo", the first message to travel across ARPANET, later to become the internet
  • Learning object, in education and data management
  • Left only, the left channel of the stereo Left only/Right only downmix
  • LibreOffice, an open-source office software suite
  • Local oscillator in, for example, a superheterodyne receiver

Other uses[edit]