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1theK Originals, formerly LOEN TV (Hangul: 로엔 TV), is a South Korean web series, produced by LOEN Entertainment. It is shown on the label's official YouTube channel.


2011: Debut[edit]

LOEN TV started in 2011, also going under the name LOEN Bangsong (로엔 방송, LOEN broadcast). At first, it only covered IU. It has six episodes.

2012: Comeback[edit]

In 2012, LOEN TV came back with three new episodes covering IU's Japanese tour.

2012: Introduction of segments[edit]

In the same year, LOEN TV launched segments. Ask in a Box started in October 2012 with Gain as debut star followed by CSI: Coming Soon Interview (Girl's Day), Let's Dance (November 2012, Girl's Day), LOEN TV Live (December 2012, Sunny Hill and Yoon Hyun-sang), Special Feature (December 2012, Kim Sung-kyu), Run to You (March 2013, Kim Tae-woo), I'M: Introduce Myself (April 2013, Yoo Ji-ae) and Wonder Live (September 2013, Lyn).


Due to the change of LOEN's music distribution brand from LOEN Music to 1theK, the web series became "1theK Originals".



As of 2015, it has 14 segments.

Ask in a Box[edit]

It is about asking guest artists different questions. LOEN gets the questions from "likers" (subscribers) of its Facebook page (fb.me/1theK).

List of Ask in a Box guests




CSI: Comeback Special Interview[edit]

It shows interviews on guest artists and their new releases (album, single etc.). It was formerly called CSI: Coming Soon Interview until October 10, 2013.

List of CSI: Comeback Special Interview guests


  • 2014.2.5 - Ga-in (with Show Lo) Truth or Dare
  • 2014.2.2 - B.A.P 1004 (Angel)
  • 2014.1.26 - Sunny Hill Don't Say Anything
  • 2014.1.17 - Gary No Cut Special: Gary's Special Confession
  • 2014.1.15 - Gary Shower Later / Zotto Mola
  • 2014.1.12 - B1A4 Lonely



Let's Dance[edit]

It teaches viewers moves from the latest K-pop dance crazes.

List of Let's Dance performances




LOEN TV Live[edit]

It features live performances and interviews on artists.

List of LOEN TV Live guests




Special Feature[edit]

It features interview on an artist, with a twist. The twist is that the interviewer is the same artist.

List of Special Feature guests



Run to You[edit]

It features a special live event presented by a K-pop artist.

List of Run to You guests

I'M: Introduce Myself[edit]

It aims to introduce "rookies" (new singers) of K-pop.

List of I'M: Introduce Myself guests


  • 2014.2.9 - Soyou, Junggigo


Wonder Live[edit]

It is a mini-concert from an artist.

List of Wonder Live guests


  • 2014.1.28 - Zia Have You Ever Cried and three more songs
  • 2014.1.16 - MC the Max Wind That Blows and three more songs


  • 2013.12.18 - Bumkey, Verbal Jint Only for You and three more songs
  • 2013.11.21 - Park Ji-yoon Mr. Lee (featuring San E) and four more songs
  • 2013.10.29 - K.Will You Don't Know Love, Lay Back, I'll Be with You and three more songs
  • 2013.9.3 - Lyn I Like This Song, Song for Love and a short medley of five songs


History's ToryTory BangBang[edit]

Called a "short-com" (comedy short film), it starred the boy band History and premiered in June 6, 2013. It tackles about the group members' lives before their debut. It had five episodes and ended in July 4, 2013.

Fiestar's A-HA! For the Global K-pop Fan[edit]

It is an educational show featuring Fiestar's leader Jei, vocalist Cao Lu and lead rapper Cheska. It caters for international viewers who wants to learn the Korean language. The first video is released on July 26, 2013, with their main topic, "Daebak", with Jei speaking Korean, Cheska in English, and Cao Lu translating it in Chinese. The last video, "Kkuljaem", was uploaded on October 24, 2013.

List of Fiestar's A-HA! For the Global K-Pop Fan episodes
  • 2013.7.26 - Daebak
  • 2013.8.1 - Deuktem
  • 2013.8.8 - Tteokbap
  • 2013.8.15 - Jjal
  • 2013.8.22 - Doljikgu
  • 2013.8.29 - Anseup
  • 2013.9.5 - Menbung
  • 2013.9.12 - Real
  • 2013.9.26 - Dotne
  • 2013.10.3 - Bolmae
  • 2013.10.10 - Cri
  • 2013.10.17 - Gaenso
  • 2013.10.24 - Kkuljaem

Oven Radio[edit]

It is a five-minute program resembled to a radio show, airing for five days.

It was supposed to start on October 2013 and to be hosted by Jung Joon-young, but was cancelled. It finally started the following month with Lee Juck as host.

List of Oven Radio episodes

EXO's Oven Radio

  • 2013.12.9 - Episode 1 Miracles in December, Episode 2 Christmas Day
  • 2013.12.10 - Episode 3 The Star
  • 2013.12.11 - Episode 4 My Turn to Cry
  • 2013.12.12 - Episode 5 The First Snow

Lee Juck's Oven Radio

  • 2013.11.10 - Episode 1 Before Sunrise
  • 2013.11.11 - Episode 2 20 Years After
  • 2013.11.12 - Episode 3 What Do You See
  • 2013.11.13 - Episode 4 Is There Anybody
  • 2013.11.14 - Episode 5 Lie Lie Lie


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