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The LORAN-C transmitter Jan Mayen[1] was a LORAN-C transmission facility on the island of Jan Mayen at 70°54′51″N 8°43′57″W / 70.91417°N 8.73250°W / 70.91417; -8.73250Coordinates: 70°54′51″N 8°43′57″W / 70.91417°N 8.73250°W / 70.91417; -8.73250. The LORAN-C transmitter Jan Mayen used as antenna a 190-metre high (625 ft) guyed mast.

This mast was built as replacement of a 190.5 metre tall mast, which collapsed in a storm on 8 October 1980 as the result of too low tension on the guy wires. The guywires were adjusted by personnel from the USCG who mixed up pounds and kilograms[citation needed].

Both transmitters on Jan Mayen,[2] together with the other Norwegian LORAN-C transmitters at Bø, and those at Edje in the Danish Faroe Islands were shut off at midnight on Dec 31, 2015[3]

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